What soap is in your bathroom?

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Do you suffer from dry skin? Are you worried about what chemicals are putting on your skin?

Everyone uses soap, but does it matter which one they use. There are many soaps on the market. Some familiar brands are Dove, Irish Spring, or Dial. They're used on babies and older individuals. However, many have told us they have sensitive skin and cannot use many of those popular brands. But why?

Take a look at this chart below:

We pride ourselves on what goes in our products and what comes out after the soap making process is done. One of our customers has sensitive skin. She usually has to purchase soap from another brand. However, they are not budget-friendly, and she says they have limited smells she can use. This is what she had to say about our lavender soap, "I love the lavender soap, it smells nice and leaves you feeling clean." Our soap's fragrance must be enjoyed and gently take off all the dirt. Many have purchased our Perfectly Imperfect Pack. This pack is perfect for trying out multiple of our soaps. These can be purchased for a small family, a gift, or yourself.

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Whats in your bathroom?

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