A Timely Poem

Their eyes used to be bright

Their skin used to be tight

Their legs once knew how to leap

Their blemishes used to disappear with just beauty sleep

Their bodies were once strong

They once felt like they belonged 

People just don’t seem to understand

The years of story that could be passed through these older ones hands

Each line is a journey from the past to the present

Each wrinkle and spot is the proof of experience spent

Did you ever sit and listen to the stories they could tell?

The truths they could speak?

Memories they know so well?

They’re living gems

Treasures right in front of our eyes 

But people overlook this truth

They can never sympathize

They used to be me

They used to be you

They used to be all of us

This much is true

But now they’re stuck within a shell 

Though their spirits are just as vigorous as ours 

A stiff, weak casing is where they now must dwell

So don’t look at them with pity

Don’t view them as crazy

Don’t hold them to the same level as a child

But give them their dignity

Poem Created By: Cheyanne Davis

During this hard time we all are having difficulties to some degree. Whether it's educational, financial, or if you have become sick our hearts go out to you and your families.

We would also like to make mention that, during this COVID-19 Pandemic, disinfecting and good hygiene is extremely important right now. And not just for ourselves.

There are groups of people more susceptible to this disease and one of those groups are our older ones. We can all give our older ones that respect by keeping our distance whenever possible and even when we do come in contact we can make sure we are washing our hands and sanitizing surfaces we touch whenever possible.

At our.gentle.truth we have soap especially made and designed for sensitive skin. We use USDA approved ingredients and we never add fragrance to any of our recipes. Rather we use essential oils in our blends that have many benefits.

We have even taken extra measures to make sure all of our products are clean and sanitized before they are shipped right to your door.

Older ones used to be young just like everyone else, so when we hold them to the same regard that we might ourselves we create a better environment for us all.

A gentle and honest environment.

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